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24 Авг 2016
Перевозка спецтехники в Москву

Транспортная компания «Мир логистики» выполнила новую перевозку негабаритной спецтехники. На этот раз силами компании была организована доставка спецтехники из Казани в Москву.

Перевозка спецтехники…

21 Авг 2016
Перевозка экскаватора по СЗФО

Компанией «Мир логистики» завершен новый проект по перевозке негабаритного груза. В августе наши специалисты выполнили перевозку экскаватора по СЗФО (Санкт-Петербург- Архангельск).


17 Авг 2016
Перевозка катера в Новороссийск

В августе 2016 года нашей компанией была получена заявка на перевозку негабаритного катера из Москвы в Новороссийск. Отметим, что реализацией перевозок катеров и яхт в нашей компании занимается специальный…

Transportation of oversized

Transportation of oversized cargo (freight oversize).

The principle occupation of World Logistics company - transportation of oversized (or oversize freight), oversized and heavy cargo. This category includes items of industrial equipment, containers, machinery for industrial and construction purposes, other machinery, the dimensions of which exceed the established norms. Our largest logistics department involved in the transportation of oversized cargo.

Oversized cargo

Cargo transportation is considered to be oversized, in case the trailer with cargo has following dimensions:

Length - more than 20 meters (65,62 ft);

Height  - more than 4 meters (13,12 ft);

Width - more than 2.55 meters (8,366 ft).

The trailer is considered to be heavy in case it weighs more than 20 tons (44090 lb). As a rule, the oversized cargo has increased weight, so any transportation of oversized regarded as heavy and should be guided by the same rules.

Experts of World of Logistics have vast experience in processing and transportation of any oversized cargo in Russia, depending on the type of oversized cargo:

Tractor trucks are equipped with orange or yellow flashing lights for transportation oversized cargo;

Road clearance for movement is issued for oversized cargo transportation;

Escorting is organized;

In situations when oversized cargo exceeds the acceptable size or it is necessary to change the traffic - cargo is accompanied by traffic police patrol car during the entire transportation for its safety.

In accordance with the oversized cargo transporting instructions, the velocity of the train shall not exceed 60 km/h (37, 28 mph). Oversized cargo transportation is more than twice longer comparing to similar cargo transportation within loading gage due to difficulties of overcoming some road sections.

Oversized transportations have specific requirements for rolling stock.

Tractors with normal and increased load capacity are used as trains in transporting oversized cargo, from two to eight axes, depending on the weight of the load.

The experience in oversized cargo transportations (our completed projects oversize cargo transportation in different regions of Russia):

Boat Transportation

Delivery pontoons from Azov to St. Petersburg

Rig Transportation

Transportation of oversized cargo to Sakhalin

Transportation of oversized at the Ryazan Refinery

Transportation of industrial equipment

It is easy to order freight oversized transportation in our company - just call 8 (812) 244 -13 -12 and 8 (495) 281- 50- 53.

Be sure that we offer you the best deal and the best choice of transport for oversized cargo in Russia and countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States. It is worth noting that our company works not only with commercial companies, but also with government agencies, carrying out projects on transportation of oversize for a long period. Among the completed projects there are some socially significant cargo transportations, important for the country as a whole.

Discover our solutions oversized cargo transportation