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26 Авг 2016
Перевозка негабаритного станка

В конце августа 2016 года наша компания организовала очередную негабаритную перевозку. Для промышленного завода в Костроме был перевезен токарный станок весом 45 тонн из Санкт-Петербурга.


24 Авг 2016
Перевозка спецтехники в Москву

Транспортная компания «Мир логистики» выполнила новую перевозку негабаритной спецтехники. На этот раз силами компании была организована доставка спецтехники из Казани в Москву.

Перевозка спецтехники…

21 Авг 2016
Перевозка экскаватора по СЗФО

Компанией «Мир логистики» завершен новый проект по перевозке негабаритного груза. В августе наши специалисты выполнили перевозку экскаватора по СЗФО (Санкт-Петербург- Архангельск).


Transportation of hazardous supplies

Hazardous supplies transportation is one of the key occupation of company World of Logistics. It is quite complex and demanding process that involves high risks, requires special attention to conditions of transporting, storage, handling and overload. Hazardous supplies are transporting by task-specific rolling stocks that are equipped with the necessary means of protection in accordance with international and Russian standards.

World of Logistics successfully carries out this activity for several years, taking into consideration the potential danger of the goods transported. Therefore, we demand increased requirements in transporting hazardous supplies as to transport, and personnel. All our drivers and the staff are responsible for the operation of vehicles, and were trained in specialized courses and have ADR certificate. Particular attention is paid to the carriage of bulk cargoes, that’s why there are tanker trucks of different sizes in our fleet. Bulk cargoes transport fuel, oil, fuel oil, bitumen, light and heavy oil, and so on.

The specialists of World of Logistics render all reasonable assistance during hazardous supplies transportation:

when transported goods are a particular hazard class,

prepare set of documents and, if necessary, obtain approvals and permits for the hazardous supplies transportation,

develop the most convenient route for the perfect hazardous supplies transportation,

ensure the safety of the cargo, convenience and speed of delivery "door to door".

Nowadays there are about three thousand cargos which can be regarded as hazardous supplies, and that are included in the list of hazardous substances covered by the national and international regulation on the transport of hazardous supplies.

Our company is carrying hazardous supplies of the following classes:

Hazard class 1 - explosive materials. This class includes the transport of hazardous supplies of all substances that can cause an explosion or fire, a device for a pyrotechnic effect;

Hazard class 2 - compressed, liquefied gases or dissolved under pressure;

Hazard class 3 - flammable liquid (HIL);

Hazard class 4 - flammable solids;

Hazard class 4 - spontaneously combustible substances;

Hazard class 4 - substances that emit flammable gases in contact with water;

Hazard class 5 - oxidizing agents and organic peroxides;

Hazard class 6 - poisonous and infectious substances;

Hazard class 8 – caustic and (or) corrosive substances, the substance can exhibit their properties during the transportation;

Hazard class 9 - other hazardous supplies.

It is easy to order hazardous substances transportation in our company - just call 8 (812) 244 -13 -12 and 8 (495) 281- 50- 53!

Hazardous substances transportation of any class of complexity - one of the key sections of our shipping company.


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